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What's in Topo GPS?

From highest level of topographic colored detail to crystal clear terrain contours, trails, roads, and point-of-interest- there's a lot more you get through Garmin Topo GPS maps. Go through each feature below & know what more you can get through Topo maps.



Embedded with elevation contours and hiking trails, GPS Topo maps are also routable that implies now you can create your own tracks, routes, and paths to follow.


Now, create waypoints by pressing coordinates, adding address, or your current position on the Topo map. You may even order and see already created waypoints by others.

Offline available

Sometimes Internet may be disloyal in woods! But, GPS Topo map stays with you even offline. For more, any viewed title maps get automatically saved on your device.

Can be extended with Other maps

Topographic maps of Andes, Chile Deluxe, Mexico, Alaska, West US and Canada, South-Central US, East Canada, North East US, and many other places are available as in-app purchase.

Route recording and planning

Besides export and import of GPS routes, get free access to astonishing cycling and hiking tracks. These maps also allow to plan and record any pathways- that you desire.

How to download Garmin Topo Maps Free?

Download & Install one version of Topo GPS maps on your device. Later, you can extend your Garmin Topo version through in-app purchases for all other maps.


Garmin Topo Maps Download

Download Garmin Express on your laptop or computer to purchase Topo maps for your device.

Important: Garmin Topo maps directly download and install on your microSD or GPS device.

Step 1 Choose your operating system and compare system prerequisites:

Minimum Requirements:


Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or newer

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 display

.NET framework: Version 4.5 or newer


Operating System: OS 10.10 or newer

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Screen resolution: 1440 x 900 display

Network: High-speed Internet & USB port


Step 2 Open Garmin Express application on your system

Step 3 Login your myGarmin account and purchase GPS Topo maps that you want.

Step 4 Select the Garmin device you wanted to install maps on.

Note: You may even install these maps on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 5 After the purchase is made, click on Download button.

Note: Don't interfere with Garmin Express or any of the account activities until the Topo Maps install completes on your device.

Can't Download Purchased Topo maps using Garmin

Express on your Device?

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How can I update Garmin Topo Maps?

Upgrade your Topo maps with Paid or free updates using Garmin Express or MyGamrin Account


Update GPS Topo Maps Using Garmin Express

Simply plug in your Garmin device in USB port of computer.

Download and install Garmin Express for Windows or Mac OS

Launch the Express application and wait for the program to find your GPS device automatically.

Once the device connects, the Garmin Express will display relating map update on its dashboard.

After the Topo map update completes, Garmin Express will inform you.

Later, you can disconnect your Garmin device and restart to activate the recently installed update.

Note: Garmin devices will retain your personal settings even after the map updates.

Update maps using myGarmin account

Want to purchase paid map update? Login myGarmin account and tab updates by tapping on map update section

Important: You must register your device with the Garmin account before downloading an update.

Later, you can download and update maps with the files available on account.

Remember, while the free Topo map updates are in process, don't touch the program or your device.

On seeing “Garmin map update completes successfully” message, you can disconnect your GPS device from computer.


Is GPS Topo Maps install bothering you?

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Garmin Topo Maps- We Support

The service for all the below listed Garmin Topo GPS maps is available with us. Select the map based on its region & version to get an accurate help against your map issue.


US Topo maps 24K

  • Topo US West
  • Topo US North-Central
  • Topo US North-East
  • Topo US South-Central
  • Topo US South-East
  • Topo US South-West
  • Alaska Enhanced Topo US

Canada Topo Maps 24K

  • West Topo Canada
  • East Topo Canada
  • North-West Topo Canada
  • Central Topo Canada
  • Topo Nunavut
  • Topo Mexico

Garmin US Topo 100K

  • Topo US North-Central
  • Topo US North-East
  • Topo US South-Central
  • Topo US South-East
  • Topo US South-West
  • West Coast Topo map
  • Hawaii Topo map

Garmin Canada Topo 100K

  • West Topo Canada
  • Topo Canada East
  • Topo Canada North-West
  • Central Topo Canada
  • Topo Nunavut
  • Topo Mexico

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Most Common Garmin Topo Maps Issue

Have Problems with your Garmin Topo maps?- Let's get that Fixed!!


Lost Topo Maps

Lost Topo Maps

Copy your whole content from a device to removable disk (USB stick, SD card, etc.) and leave only Topo maps in your PC. Base camp will then display all Garmin GPS Topo maps without requiring your device to be plugged-in.

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Cant Transfer Maps

Can't Transfer Maps

Download free Garmin Basecamp software from a reliable source and connect your GPS device to the system-where software is getting installed. Later, open Basecamp program and transfer your data and maps successfully.

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Cant Install Topo Maps

Can't Install Topo Maps

When Garmin Topo maps bother you during installation from Basecamp then, right click on the user data folder of the GPS device and select 'Install maps' option. If you haven't selected the device nothing will happen.

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GPS Maps not working

GPS Maps not working

Check your internet connection, then diagnose and disable all proxy or VPN services activated on system. If the issue persists, disable system security software temporarily and replace the one causing trouble.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the highly raised Garmin Topo maps issue-reported by our Support service customers


Few factors that you must consider before buying any Topo maps from Garmin include:

The most important yet overlooked feature in GPS maps is relating scale bar, publication date, and north arrow. If any of these things is missing from your map- you might get trapped in a bad weather condition during your next trip.

Secondly, check the minimum requirements for map to install on your device.

Last but not least, how much reliable those maps have been for earlier GPS users.

The US Topo maps include all regions from West to North East and North Central to deep in South. You may also search for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico maps exclusively.

Turning to Canada Topo Maps, you can access all regions from West to East and North West to Central Canada.

Garmin Topo Maps are much more detailed than others. Most of them are somewhere between MBytes to GBytes. However, we recommend keeping some more storage space than described for each Topo map. Because sometimes the application may refuse to install new maps due to insufficient space (that may be required in just bytes).

If you have installed GPS Topo maps in your device directly, then you can simply unlock the maps using the key provided with them. However, if the maps are downloaded in micro SD card then, insert that card in your GPS device and restart its system to load all the map data.

Once uploaded, you can view GPS Topo maps of any region without encountering any issue.

Generally, the detailed Garmin Topo maps are available at certain cost that you need to make in order to download and install those maps on your device.

However, you may get free Garmin map updates for those purchased Topo maps.