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How to Download Garmin WebUpdater?

Follow the steps to download Garmin WebUpdater Mac or Windows version based on your device operating system.


How to Download Garmin WebUpdater Mac?

Minimum requirements before you proceed with the Garmin WebUpdater download process.

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: OS 10.5 or later

Processor: Intel-based or PowerPC G4 or later Mac

Memory: 256 MB RAM at least

Another prerequisite: USB port


Step 1 Click on Garmin WebUpdater Mac download button above.

Step 2 Tap on ‘I agree’ button and wait for the download process to complete.

Step 3 Double-click on Garmin WebUpdater.exe file and tap on ‘Run’ button to begin the install.

Note: Do not intervene in the Webupdater install procedure.

Step 4 Once the process completes, launch WebUpdater program.

Bothered by Garmin Webupdater download or Install process? Learn to Troubleshoot here.

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Garmin Web Updater mac download


Garmin Web Updater windows download

Garmin WebUpdater Download for Windows

Know your system requirements to download WebUpdater for Windows:

Requirements for Windows XP SP2 and older

  • IBM-compatible PC running Windows 98, 2000, Me, or NT operating system.

Requirements for Windows XP SP3 and newer

  • Latest version of .NET framework.
  • Windows Media Player 11 or greater

Points to Remember (for both):

  • WebUpdater clears user memory, including 'Recent Finds' and 'Favorites.' So, always have a backup of all files.
  • WebUpdater is incompatible with fishfinders, Palm and Pocket PC devices, chart plotters, fixed-mount marine units, and some discontinued units. Thus, it’s wise to use Garmin Express for these devices.
  • Beta updates are not covered by the WebUpdater program.

Let’s Get started with WebUpdater Installation instructions for Windows

Step 1: Choose your file and click on ‘Download’ button to save Webupdater installer on computer.

Step 2: Later, double-click on Webupdater.exe file to begin the installation.

Step 3: Follow-on screen instructions and wait for the WebUpdater install to complete.

Step 4: You may delete the download file after WebUpdater install completes.

Note: Do not interfere with the process unless it finishes.

In case, you can’t complete Garmin Webupdater install for Windows due to any reason, learn to troubleshoot it.

Steps to update GPS Unit with Garmin WebUpdater

Updating Garmin nuvi device firmware allows you to keep your GPS unit in smooth operation. Know the steps to finish your process without any technical glitch.


How to update GPS Device using Garmin WebUpdater?

Minimum requirements before you proceed with the Garmin device update process.

Before you begin updating GPS device, check for adequate battery reserve. Else you may break your GPS unit, if the batteries die while installing new firmware update.

Follow the steps to update your GPS unit firmware:

Step 1 Connect your Garmin GPS device to the computer using cable.

Step 2 Launch Garmin WebUpdater and wait for this program to detect your device.

Step 3 If you can’t see your GPS device name on the “Device” list, click on Find device button.

Step 4 After the GPS unit name gets listed, click on Next button to initiate the software update process.

Step 5 Once WebUpdater program connects to Garmin Website, you can see a whole list of software updates available.

Note: By, default all the updates are selected to install on your device. However, you may make your choice as well.





Step 6: Click on ‘Yes’ button to accept the updates and begin the process of GPS device firmware installation

Step 7: On successful download of software update, you may disconnect your GPS device from computer.

Want to check for Additional updates? - Don’t skip next part of the Process!

Step 8: After you see “Garmin device has been updated” message on screen, click on Next button.

Step 9: A window with additional updates that you want to install will open.

Step 10: You may either select the checkbox “Select all available updates” or make your choice from the list.

Once you’re done with the additional software update install, don’t forget to safely eject your device.

Most Common Garmin WebUpdater Issues

Highly raised WebUpdater problems by users that we fixed- Check out the solution



WebUpdater not Working

Troubleshoot all factors due to which Garmin WebUpdater not working. Diagnose your Internet connection to confirm program files are communicating with the server. If everything is fine at network end, scan your Webupdater to see if there any corrupt files.

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Garmin WebUpdater can’t find device

If your Garmin communicator Plugin doesn’t see a GPS device on the WebUpdater, then it may be due to hardware conflict with some another connected USB device, outdated software running on your computer, or in worst circumstances, faulty GPS device.

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Unable to Download Firmware Update

Most of the time, lack of space causes firmware update failure. Therefore, check the space available in GPS device or its SD card. Afterward, check your network connection and confirm that it's stable. Then, you can troubleshoot the error- with advanced solutions (if required).

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Can’t Download Garmin Webupdater 2017

Make sure your device fulfill all system requirements before you download Webupdater.exe file on your computer. Also, verify the space available in your device where you want to download the program. Still can’t download, click on the link above.

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